Silver Items For Sale

NOTE: The Collectors' Gift Shoppe does not deal in "scrap" gold or silver by the ounce. We sell only collectibles, some of which are constructed of precious metals.

NOTE 2: Items mentioned as "actual size" will be shown at actual size if your screen resolution is 1024 x 728. If your screen is set at a lower resolution (such as 800 x 600 or 600 x 480), the items will appear larger than actual size. If your screen is set at a higher resolution, the items will appear smaller. If confused, please write for measurements.

Photo (if Available)
Taxco bracelet.
Manufacturer's mark, "AR" and bird. The overlaid designs are Aztecan. Shown actual size.
Taxco mask pin.
Manufacturer's mark appears to be script "FR". Shown actual size.
Charm bracelet with Sterling charms. The bracelet is sterling, and the charms are as follows:
  1. Graduation Day, scroll w/ blue & red balls
  2. Albany Business College
  3. ice skate
  4. Lake Placid
  5. Disney World
  6. Mad Money, with "dollar bill"
  7. stag, Skyline Drive, VA
  8. Maroc (Morocco)
  9. name tag
  10. cuckoo clock
  11. Busch Gardens
  12. scroll case (?) with Star of David
  13. wings
  14. stylized manoreh (candlestick)
  15. Arkansas Razorbacks mascot
  16. palette
  17. State of Florida
  18. Rock of Gibraltar (.800)
Shown actual size.
Coin Silver Bracelet.
Apparently Mexican, with mask designs. This piece is marked "900" twice. Shown actual size.
Rolex Spoon.
This one is marked "Bucherer of Switzerland". In the cup of the spoon is a lion.
Shown actual size.
Souvenir Spoon from Oregon.
Marked "Sterling". The handle shows Mt. Hood.
Shown Actual size.
Silver and Gold Earrings.
Marked "HAND MADE IN INDONESIA," the earrings are also marked "925" (i.e., Sterling), and the gold overlay is 18kt. Tastefully done in the style.
The earrings are for pierced ears. Shown actual size.
Aztecan Figure Pin, marked $ and "925."
Evidently Mexican. Nice detail. Shown actual size.
Taxco belt buckle, inlaid with mother-of-pearl.
Shown actual size, of course.
Roadrunner pin from Mexico. Small mother-of-pearl inlay. A nice inexpensive piece, shown actual size. $10
Grapes, screw-type earrings.
Marked Mexico and shown actual size.
Sombrero pin.
Marked Mexico and "925". Shown actual size.