Apocryphal Acts

The most important of the apocryphal acts are the Acts of John (being the earliest) and the Acts of Paul. The Acts of Paul contains an interesting section known as the Acts of Paul and Thecla, which is important in portraying a woman as one of Paul's preaching companions.

Acts of John c. 150, possibly later originally written in Greek, of which most survives. MSS survive (edited) in Latin.
Set in the time of Domitian. John drinks poison and travels around raising the dead and curing diseases.
Acts of Paul c. 160-170 originally longer than Luke's Acts. If Tertullian is correct, the Acts were written by a clergyman in the province of Asia to honor Paul's memory. Quite a few incomplete manuscripts exist in several languages (including Coptic). The true history was seriously embellished. A translation can be found at this location.
Acts of Peter c. 170-200,
probably closer to 200
uses the Acts of John as a source. Portions exist in several languages, most notably Latin. Portions display gnostic tendencies. In the course of the writing, Peter travels to Rome, defeats Simon Magus there, and is put to death.
Acts of Andrew c. 200 or later No good manuscripts exist of the Acts of Andrew, which is labeled as "impious" by Eusebius. It was once read widely, but now only sections exist. Click here to read an exciting portion of one section known as "The Acts of Andrew and Matthias."
Acts of Thomas III possibly written in Syriac.
Acts of Philip V includes a tale of Philip's death
Acts of Peter and Andrew ?? part of the Acts of Andrew?
Martyrdom of Matthew VI a sequal to Andrew and Matthias
Apostolic History of Abdias VI similar in form to an Acts collation, putting together various accounts
Acts of John by Prochorus V John performs many miracles on Patmos
Acts of Barnabas V Barnabas dies in Cyprus
Acts of James the Greater ? ?
Passion of Peter ? attributed to Linus
Passion of Paul ? attributed to Linus
Acts of Thaddeus ? ?
Acts of Titus (by Zenas) relates itself to the Acts of Paul
Acts of Peter (Slavonic) ? ?
Heralding (or Preaching) of Peter c. 120 possibly written in Egypt. Exists only in quotes from Clement of Alexandria (c. 150) and Origen (c. 240).
Martyrdom of Simon the Zealot ? written in Coptic
Acts of Andrew and Paul ? ?
*Denotes the approximate date of composition. Roman numerals indicate the century.
Acts of Nereus and Achilleus, Xanthippe and Polyxena, Zenais and Philonila, Mark, Luke, Timothy, Longinus, Cornelius, Aquila, Ananias, Andrew and Philemon (in Scythia), Andrew and Bartholomew, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thaddeus, and of Peter and Paul were written and exist in fragments. These are generally deemed late and uninteresting.

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