Apocryphal Revelations

Included in this list for sake of completeness is the important collection of writings known as The Shepherd, or The Shepherd of Hermas. The Shepherd was apparently written c. 150 AD by someone named Hermas, perhaps the brother of Pius. This is the view taken by the Muratorian Canon, although it is not consistent with the mention of Clement as a contemporary. For information about the structure of the book and certain exerpts, proceed to this page.

The apocalyptic writings of interest to us are those written in the name of persons mentioned in the New Testament. Other revelation-like documents exist written later in the names of other people. Of the writings mentioned below, only the Revelation of Peter was ever used by any sector of the church, and its use is disputed.

Revelation of Peter
Written in the II century, some appear to have regarded it well. Fragments exist in several languages.
Revelation of Paul
Forged by the Caianites in Paul's name, c. 475-500 AD.
Revelation of Thomas
Possibly written in Latin originally, the Revelation may have been written at any time during the II to IV centuries.
Revelation of the Virgin (Greek)
A fragment exists of this apocalypse which dates to the V century most likely.
Revelation of the Virgin (Ethiopic)
This apocalypse borrows from the Revelation of Paul and was therefore written later, during the V century.
Revelation of Stephen
Best described as very doubtful and dated to c. 400.

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