Isaiah 52:13-53:12

-- translated from the Septuagint (LXX)

Look, my servant boy will do well and be lifted up and be glorified greatly. As many were astonished with your lifestyle, people, in the same way his image was marred beyond that of humans, and his glory beyond that of humans. Similarly, many nations will wonder at him, and kings will hold their mouths about him. Because what did not grow up, they will see, and what had not been heard, they will know. O Lord, who has trusted our report? And the arm of Yahweh, to whom was it revealed? He grew up in his presence like a child, like a root in thirsty ground. There was neither form to him nor glory. And we saw him, and he had no form or beauty.

But his form was a failure, having no honor with any people, a person who was in sorrow and who knew how to carry grief. Because we turned away from his presence, he was honorless and we did not consider him. He carried our sins and he closely felt our pain, and we considered him to be in pain and in blows and in harm.

But he was tormented on account of our acts of lawlessness, and he was stricken on account of our sins. The education of our peace was on him; we are healed with his scourging.

We have all gone astray like sheep, each person going astray to his own way. And Yahweh gave over our sins to him. And throughout the harm, he did not open his mouth. He was led like a sheep to the slaughter. As a sheep is quiet before its slaughter and as a lamb is mute in the presence of its shearer, in the same way, he did not open his mouth.

In the humiliation, his justice was taken away. Who considered his generation, because his life was taken from the land? From the lawless acts of my people he went into death. And he gave his grave to be with the evil ones and was with the wealthy in his death. Because he did not do any lawlessness, neither was deceit found in his mouth. And Yahweh wanted to cleanse his scourging. If he gives him concerning sin, your life will see its seed have prolonged life. And Yahweh wanted to release him from his soul's grief, to show him light and to form understanding for him. The just one will give justice to many, and he will ignore their sins.

On account of this, he will be given the allotment of many people and with the strong ones he is given a part, against which he poured out his soul to the point of death, and he was considered to be among the lawless ones; and he bore the sin of many and was poured out on account of their sins.

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